Kit in development

IMICROQ is focused on the first phase of the company, in the development of a fast kit for detection of Salmonella (quantitative absence/presence) in food samples.

Once validated the prototype for production and marketing, IMICROQ will advance in the development of kits for detection of Campylobacter, as well as in products based on PCR for serotyping Salmonella and Campylobacter. This will be the basis for the development and commercialization of a multiple pathogens detection platform in food safety.

Salmonella Detection Kit

11 Apr 2011

General Characteristics:

  • Electrochemical detection of absence/presence in a quantitative way.
  • Expected LOD of 1 UFC/25 g of initial sample.
  • Total time of detection, once the sample is taken, of less than 14 hours.
  • Objective world-wide market in agri-food security of 2.400 M€/year.

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