iMiCROQ closes an investment round of 1.5 million euros

03 Aug 2017

The Spanish company iMiCROQ, based in Tarragona, has recently closed a 1.5 M € capital increase round led by the SUEZ Group through its investment fund VENTO (Programa Innvierte in co-investment with CDTI) and the fund Caixa Innvierte Industria of Caixa Capital Risc. In this capital increase has also participated its traditional investors Valtari, Somtobir and Sider.
SUEZ, through the companies of its group, generates synergies with iMiCROQ‘s business and commercial plans, as well as collaborations in technological developments, thus presenting itself as a preferred technological partner. The QFast® analytical platform for the integrated detection of pathogens, DNA, viruses and toxins is expected to expand its portfolio for agro-food security and advance its international commercialization in the coming years.

iMiCROQ was created in 2010 as a technology-based company as spin-off of Universitat Rovira i Virgili and currently has 14 employees with a high qualification and experience. In the first two years of market access, the QFast® platform has been implemented in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, internal control laboratories, poultry integrations, feed and raw material producers, animal health companies and small and medium-sized food companies.

Classical ELISA / ELONA assays can be easily implemented in QFast® bringing technical advantages that reduce interferences by improving selectivity, reduce manipulation and total time, as well as improve sensitivity, generating countless applications in on-site diagnostics in veterinary and clinical diagnostics areas.

iMiCROQ currently offers instrumentation packs and kits for the detection of Salmonella spp. in veterinary, environmental and food samples. These kits are internationally validated against reference method and Gen-QFast® Listeria monocytogenes and QFast® Sakazakii kits are in the process of being certified. The current portfolio is complemented by kits for the DNA detection of Salmonella enteritidis and Salmonella typhimurium.