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Multisense Chip

Multisense Chip, “The lab-free CBRN detection device for the identification of biological pathogens on nucleic acid and immunological level as lab-on-a-chip system applying multisensor technologies”

IMICROQ is one of the participants in the Multisense Chip Project ( The goal of this project is the development of a detection and identification system for biological pathogens in order to build an integrated “sample in, result out“ system.

This chip system shall include both a sample preparation function, during which target molecules are directly extracted nucleic-acid-based and/or immunological detection, as well as identification steps. Thus, the chip systems shall be able to identify multiple pathogens in parallel on both the molecular biological level via PCR and immunological means, repectively.
A reduction of processing time is a further advantage, owed to miniaturization and the combination of all biological processes into a small disposable chip instead of different instruments. Moreover, to run the required PCR and immunological assays, portable systems may be used to analyze suspicious samples directly at the point of interest.

For this research project funding is received from the European Community´s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant agreement no. 261810.