Technology & R+D


In iMICROQ we develop platforms for the detection of pathogens and infections and we have experience in the following technologies:

  • Thick film screen printing for production of microsystems: own manufacturing technology of biosensors and integrated microsystems for quantitative detection
  • Development of highly selective culture medium
  • Design of integrated protocols of sample treatment, concentration and electrochemical detection

iMICROQ focuses its business development primarily on the penetration of the market of analysis of food safety and veterinary diagnosis. In the future, it will focus on the human clinical diagnostics market and the development of processes and products. Other market segments of economic interest are the control of pollutants in the environment, water control and military industries.

iMICROQ has researchers and technicians with experience and knowledge fot the development of commercial applications. These applications are based n the following characteristics:

  • easy to use, fast, inexpensive, quantitative
  • to have the same reliability as traditional and official methods,
  • portable and not requiring technical expertise.

iMICROQ has collaboration agreements and partnerships with the food industry and specialized research centres. It also has its own research and development facilities in the following areas: electrochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology, construction of sensors and microsystems.

The main objective is to achieve a developed kit that fulfils customer requirements, in its production line and/or direct application.