PALEX MEDICAL S.A. will be exclusive distributor of QFast in Spain and Portugal

16 Mar 2018

iMiCROQ is pleased to communicate to all its customers, suppliers and personnel in general that we have agreed with PALEX Medical S.A. the exclusive distribution for Spain and Portugal of our portfolio of QFast products in agro-food safety.

iMiCROQ will continue to develop new applications in the QFast technology platform for the detection of pathogens, DNA and immunoassays with the aim of generating technical and economic advantages for our customers and making it easier for them to implement our products in their laboratories, facilitating detection in situ that supports its quality control and biosafety plans, reducing the risk of contamination in food, animals and the environment.

You can contact with Palex Medical División Laboratorio team through

  • Customer service: | 900180132
  • Commercial department: Raúl Gomez | | 91737653

You can see the full statement in the following link.