Coriolis-micro Air Sampler

Coriolis µ Air Sampler is a portable microbial air sampler for indoor and outdoor air bio-contamination monitoring. The equipment concentrates airbone particules in a liquid sample that can be analyzed afterwards through microbiological techniques. The equipment has been developed by Bertin Technologies and can be used in cleanrooms as Hospitals & Healthcare, Pharmaceutical industries, Food industries, Offices or even In-house.


Can be used indoor and outdoor. Thanks to the cyclonic technology, Coriolis µ is adapted to any scientific research in microbiology: toxins, virus, bacteria, molds, pollens, spores and even more!


  • Monitoring of Biological Contamination during production in cleanrooms
  • Determination of the exposure to biological agents of workers
  • Monitoring of pathogenic agents indoors and outdoor

Application fields

  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial sites & Farms
  • Offices

Main characteristics

Flexible and easy set up
In order to be used for a large range of applications, the parameters of the Coriolis µ can be easily set through a simple and intuitive interface. The user will set the air flow rate (100 to 300l/min), the time (1 to 10 min) and the delay before starting the run (1 to 100 minutes). If the user use the “Data Management” option, he will also have the possibility to enter its own user code and the data will be saved into the internal memory. Furthermore the equipment is only 3 kg and can be easily transported. You can either transport it assembled or into its transport bag, especially adapted to resist to shocks. Coriolis µ is also compact and will not disturb your daily activity in your lab.

The equipment can be completed by a “Data Management” option: thanks to its internal memory, the Coriolis µ will save all the parameters (user, date, air flow rate, time…) for each collection. You can then transfer these data to a computer through a Bluetooth connection according to 21CFR part 11 recommendations.

Sterile consumables
In order to avoid any cross contamination, it is provided sterile and single use cones with screw caps: either pre-filled with collection liquid or empty, it is ready to use and certified sterile (single or double packed).

Easy decontamination
Sterility and no cross contamination are crucial in the context of air quality control, that is the reason why the parts of the air sampler which are in contact with air and collection liquid are either autoclavable (air intake and cane) or single use (consumables). The surface can be disinfected by ordinary disinfectants. The equipment can also undergo hydrogen peroxide vaporisation to be totally decontaminated before being entered into class A or B.

Validated Method
The Method has been validated by external entities under ISO 14698.

Technical Specifications

  • Particle size > 0.5 µm
  • Air flow rate: 100-300 l/min
  • Sampling time: 1-10 min & up to 6 hours*
    * Requires “Long time monitoring option”
  • Liquid sample: 10-15 ml
  • Size: 22x33x36 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Power supply: 100/240 V
  • Waterproof: No
  • Autonomy on battery: aprox. 2 hours
  • Operation Temperature: +5 °C a + 45 °C
  • Screen: LCD 4 lines


More than the equipment, a real range of products has been developed to meet the user’s requirements and facilitate the use of the Coriolis µ air sampler. Other accessories are under development.

  • Long monitoring time: In case it is required to collect sample for a long period of time (up to 6 hours), it could be used the adaptador “Long Time Monitoring Option”
  • Traceability: Coriolis µ air sampler can be completed by a “Data Management” option. Thanks to its internal memory, the equipment will save all the parameters (user, date, air flow rate, time…) for each collection. You can then transfer these data to a computer through a Bluetooth connection according to 21CFR part 11 recommendations.
  • Autonomy: Supplementary battery can be delivered in the case of outdoor collections or in some places where main power is difficult to access. The user can thus go for 1 or 2 days and do all the collections he wants.
  • Flexibility: In case of outdoor controls or in rooms where the air sampler can not be installed on a table, a tripod is available (1m high).
  • Cones rack: The cones rack is really practical to handle the cones before and/or after collection and when preparing the collection liquid if you don’t use pre-filled cones. It can handle up to 6 cones.
  • Decontamination: It is recommended to have a supplementary air intake and inox cane as these parts have to be regularly decontaminated by autoclave or hydrogen peroxide vapours.


Coriolis consumables are part of the cyclonic technology. The separation of the airborne particles from the air flow is due to the air flow rate, the air intake geometry and the design of the cones.
Plastic cones are used with a screw cap in order to facilitate the transport and the preservation of the samples. Sterile or non sterile cones and caps are available and also sterile collection liquid in 15ml doses (ready-to-use doses) or in 250ml bottles.

  • Cones & Caps: 50 unidades
  • Sterile Cones & Caps: 50 unidades
  • Sterile collection liquid doses: 50 units of 15 ml
  • Sterile colllection liquid bottle: bottle of 250 ml

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