iMICROQ offers its expertise to Horizon 2020 Projects

15 Nov 2013

iMICROQ team has a large experience in participating in R&D national and european projects and will be a very good and reliable partner to collaborate with for H2020 projects.

We interested in joining to a partnership for Horizon 2020 research program.

Main research insterest is focused to the following Health and Food Security related topics:

  • SC1-PHC6-2014: Improving the control of infections epidemics and foodborne outbreaks through rapid identification of pathogens.
  • SC1-PHC9-2014: Development of new diagnostic tools and technologies: in vitro devices, assays and platforms.
  • SC1-PHC24-2014: Self-management of health and disease: citizen engagement and mHealth.
  • SC2-SFS13-2014: Biological contamination of crops and the food chain.
  • SC2-SFS14-2014: Improving the control of infectious epidemics and foodborne outbreaks through rapid identification of pathogens

Founded in 2010, iMICROQ is a Spanish SME biotech company with the aim of commercially exploit the technology for the production of integrated screen printed microsystems of low cost, easy and quick to use.
The company team comprises world class doctors in several fields supported by capable and skilled technicians, as well as a highly qualified Technical Advisory Council. Our expertise in biosensor technology development and technological capabilities in microbiology and molecular biology allows us to offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Designed Manufacturer (ODM) services.
iMICROQ integrated microsystems technology has multiple commercial applications e.g. food safety and veterinary diagnosis, as well as human clinical diagnostics, environmental control and military industries. Our applications are based on the following characteristics: easy to use, fast, inexpensive, quantitative, reliable, portable and requiring minimal technical expertise.
iMICROQ is UNE-EN ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems” and UNE 166002 “Management of R+D+i” certified. IMICROQ has collaboration agreements and partnerships with several industrial sectors and specialized research centres, as well as our own R&D facilities (electrochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology BSLII, construction of sensors and microsystems).

If you need more information on our company or you are interested on Horizon 2020 projects please contact us.