We adapt our formats | New presentations

12 Dec 2016

iMiCROQ adapts its formats to the laboratory requirements with the new QFast Salmonella SOFT BASIC and HARD DRY BAG presentations.


SOFT BASIC Presentation

A supplement is supplied to add directly on your buffered peptone water. It has the following advantages:

  • Optimization of laboratory resources enabling the use of the same standard sample preparation plus the addition of the supplement after obtaining the different aliquots for other determinations.
  • Reduction of storage space, packaging and waste volume.
  • Increase of productivity- It is not necessary to prepare a second weighting of sample.
  • Cost reduction.


HARD DRY BAG Presentation

The pre-enrichment Medium 1 is provided in dehydrated irradiated format to be reconstituted samply by adding sterile deionized wáter. It has the following advantages:

  • Easy and fast to prepare, more operating efficiency.
  • Irradiated product. No further sterilization is required.
  • You can use the provided medium bag in your blender homogenizer.
  • Reduction of storage space, packaging and waste volume.



RTU: Ready to use 

All culture media in ready-to-use format. Includes all the auxiliary material needed to carry out the analysis: containers, micropipette tips, sterile microtubes, etc…

TBR: To be reconstituted 

More compact and economical format ideal for laboratories that process high number of samples.

Culture media should be prepared and sterilized before use.

You can use your own materials (containers, auxiliary material).

Dry bag: Dehydrated pre-enrichment medium in irradiated bag 

Optimal solution for customers that required reduced pric e without compromising ease of use and storage space.

Pre-enrichment medium is prepared easily by the addition of 215ml of sterile deionized water using, for example, an automatic dilutor,


In this way, the commercial presentations of QFast Salmonella that we make available to our customers are the following: